At East Coast Dental Centre, we partner with Nobel Biocare to deliver the full benefits of the Immediate Function All-on-4 which means providing our patients with the latest technology for a natural-looking, beautiful smile and comfortable results.


Here is a closer look at the procedure courtesy of Nobel Biocare.

Immediate Function™

Functional and aesthetic temporary teeth in one treatment session
Immediate Function™
is a core concept of Beautiful Teeth Now™.

The benefits of Immediate Function™ are:

  • Shortened treatment time—it is possible to go from tooth loss to having functional and aesthetic teeth in one treatment session
  • Better clinical efficiency
  • Greater patient comfort




Left: Bone within the pores of TiUnite®.

Right: Cell extension of an osteoblast (bone-producing cell) anchored in a pore of TiUnite®.

Increased Stability


Left: The groove at the thread flank takes the TiUnite® implants to a new level of effectiveness.

Right: Bone forms more rapidly within the groove than on surfaces without the groove, resulting in faster osseointegration and increased implant stability



Left: Bone within the groove of a TiUnite® implant.

Unique, Effective TiUnite®

This is achieved through the unique properties of our biomaterial TiUnite®, which means no healing time is required prior to functioning.

TiUnite® is a highly crystalline and phosphorous enriched titanium oxide. It presents a microstructure without sharp features characterized by the presence of uniformly distributed open pores in the low micrometer range. This surface is proven to interact with the biological environment and promote tissue integration.

TiUnite® attracts bone-producing cells, allowing them to proliferate and form bone directly on the surface by osseoconduction. The result is a faster rate of osseointegration, and a remarkable ability to maintain the implant stability at a high level throughout healing.

Increased stability with grooves

Adding grooves along the threaded portion of the implant brings a new dimension to our TiUnite® implants.

The size of the groove is intermediate to the micro structured TiUnite® surface and the macro design of the implant. The optimally dimensioned groove, together with the TiUnite® surface, creates a favorable environment for preferential and faster bone formation within and along the groove.

The result is not only further enhancement of the rate of osseointegration, but also up to 30% higher implant stability due to increased mechanical bioanchorage of the implant in the surrounding bone. The combined effect of TiUnite® and the groove takes the Nobel Biocare implants and Immediate Function™ to a new level of effectiveness, and increases safety of implant treatment, especially in non-optimal bone situations.

Extending your range with NobelSpeedy™

Immediate Function™ protocols can be used together with all our implants, provided that primary stability is achieved at the time of implant placement. However, in compromised bone conditions it’s sometimes difficult to achieve sufficient implant stability. That’s why NobelSpeedy™ is specially designed to avoid this problem.

The NobelSpeedy™ implant features a narrow implant tip with engaging threads. This enables you to place the implant in under-prepared sites and let it work as an osteotome. In this way, good mechanical stability can also be achieved in soft bone, making it possible to load the implant without waiting for the healing process to be completed. Although particularly effective in soft bone conditions, the NobelSpeedy™ design results in good insertion characteristics in all types of bone. This makes it an easy-to-use implant for various types of indications.