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We Love our ECDC Facebook Family!

ECDC Facebook


Every business has a Facebook page these days! When we started our page 8 years ago I thought to myself “Great, just another thing I have to do in a day” but, 8242 likes to our page later, I […]

The ECDC Dream Team

As Manager of Operations, I like to occasionally check in with our patients to see how we’re doing, and find out anything that we can do to improve the ECDC experience.

The Truth About Gum Disease

Gum Disease Can Kill You!

For quite some time, there’s a topic that we’ve been wanting to address. It’s something that has become important enough to us and our patients that we decided to take a moment to hopefully […]

All About Wisdom Teeth

With age comes wisdom… and your wisdom teeth!

Most parents believe that it is a rite of passage for children to have their wisdom teeth removed. One of the major dental milestones is the appearance of our […]

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