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Dental CLeaning
Regular cleanings are imperative, and we recommend you visit us every 6 months (minimum).
Things to think about:

At ECDC our entire team is committed to your overall dental health. Along with diligence at home and regular dental cleanings, you will be have healthy, beautiful teeth for the rest of your life

At each cleaning, we will monitor your teeth, gums and bone. Teeth are lost by loss of bone, which happens when gums and bone become infected. Deep, professional cleanings done on a regular basis will remove and build up, which will break thea cycle of gum, bone and tooth loss.

Every time our patients come for a cleaning, our Dentists check the following:

  • Your medical history.  Some medical conditions can affect the overall health of your bone, gum and teeth
  • Oral Cancer
  • Evidence of decay around your existing filling or crowns
  • Your x-rays for a more in depth examination then they can do visually

It’s not just a cleaning!

Did you know that your hygienist is doing all of the following:

  • Removing plaque and tartar which will, if left, cause periodontal disease, which will cause bone, gum and tooth loss
  • Polishing your teeth which will remove all the stains that you can’t do by brushing alone
  • Giving you Fluoride, which will help you with any tooth sensitivity and is great for your tooth enamel
  • Recommending oral hygiene aids for you that are specific to your needs, including brushing and flossing techniques