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A partial is a removable tooth replacement option that replaces one or more missing teeth.
Things to think about:

We are lucky to have Smile House Lab on site! Smile House is a full-sized dental lab that can exactly match the size and shape of your new crown or bridge to your existing teeth! Everything is made in house, custom for you!

Replacing missing teeth will help restore your confidence but a patient must keep in mind that any removable option is not 100% perfect.
There are three distinct types of partials and our Dentists will work with you to determine which one best fits your needs.

Flexible Partial Denture

Their frameworks and clasps are made out of flexible plastic.  Because they are flexible, patients may find this type of partial less irritating to their gum tissue.

Acrylic Plastic Denture (Hard Plastic)

These partials are made out of gum coloured hard acrylic as opposed to metal.  This type of partial is not as durable as a cast metal partials.  This type of partial is recommended when a patient may be losing teeth in the future because it is simpler and more cost effective to add a tooth to this type of partial as opposed to a cast partial

Cast Metal Partials

These partials are made with a metal framework.  They are strong and durable.  They have good retention for the patient with minimal thickness