All About Wisdom Teeth

With age comes wisdom… and your wisdom teeth!

Most parents believe that it is a rite of passage for children to have their wisdom teeth removed. One of the major dental milestones is the appearance of our third year molars between the age of 17 and 21. In the dental industry, we call these the third year molars “wisdom teeth” because they appear at a more mature age.

Do dentists always want wisdom teeth removed? No!

When your children’s wisdom teeth come through correctly, these healthy teeth can help them chew. It’s normal for them to feel some discomfort when they first appear. If your children are experiencing pain, they should definitely see a dentist. Keep in mind, however, that wisdom teeth are at the very back of the mouth, so your children need to be extra mindful to brush and floss around these teeth. Regular dental visits allow the dentist to evaluate your children’s wisdom teeth as well as their ability to clean them. Many people have their wisdom teeth for a lifetime!

When should they be removed?

  • Wisdom teeth that have only partially come through allow bacteria a place to enter the gums and create a place for infection to occur. This may also lead to pain, swelling, and stiffness in your jaw.
  • Wisdom teeth that don’t have room to come through are thought by some to crowd or damage neighboring teeth.
  • A wisdom tooth that is impacted can form a cyst on or near the impacted tooth. This could damage the roots of nearby teeth or destroy the bone that supports your teeth.
  • If your child is in consistent pain.
  • As part of a treatment plan for braces.

At ECDC, not only do we perform implant treatment, but we also remove wisdom teeth. This can be done comfortably and safely at our office, where you will be closely monitored by our dentists, team, and their RN’s. Many parents chose March Break or the summer to schedule the procedure, when their child doesn’t have school commitments and will have plenty of recovery time.

Wishing you a Happy March from all of us at ECDC!

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