Tips for Fighting the February Blues

Every year when February rolls around, our team is constantly talking about how tired we are. Why does everything take so much energy? Why do we always want to nap and sleep late on the weekend? What’s up?

In December we have the holidays to keep us occupied, and in January it’s the beginning of our New Year’s Resolutions. Then comes the dreaded February, where all these grey days can put us in a funk that lasts until Spring unless we’re careful. This is the season where long winter days and the lack of sun make it harder to maintain your energy and keep a consistent mood.

Winter won’t last forever, but what you need in the meantime are some temporary supports to re-inspire you. Here are some suggestions from the ECDC team:

1. Exercise – Exercising releases endorphins and can offer us a renewed sense of optimism.

2. Take a Break from the News – We are definitely not telling you to stop caring about the news. After all, as Canadians, we know we all probably care too much! But if you’re feeling down this February, sometimes it can help to take a little step back from the bad news and concentrate on the good things in your life.

3. Listen to Music – Studies show that listening to music positively affects people’s moods. Put on something that speaks to your soul — or makes you want to dance!

4. Be Social – We all have those friends that are perpetually in a good mood. It’s time to call, text, and visit them! These friends can help you take root in positivity.

5. Self Care and Self Love – Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do, just for you? Whether it’s something small like treating yourself to a mini shopping spree, or something bigger such as going a trip or investing in dental work you’ve always wanted, February is the time to investigate and invest in yourself!

We suggest you make the most of the winter while it’s here. After all, it’s the best time to take the initiative and do things you don’t normally have the time to do. That way, when spring has sprung, you can sit back and enjoy the sun!

Happy February from the ECDC Team!

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