We Love our ECDC Facebook Family!

ECDC Facebook


Every business has a Facebook page these days! When we started our page 8 years ago I thought to myself “Great, just another thing I have to do in a day” but, 8242 likes to our page later, I now see that we have a passionate community of like-minded people that support and encourage everything we do at ECDC. Today, I am addicted and can’t wait to bring up our page each morning to see what our followers have liked, commented on and shared.  I take note, and pass it along to all the staff during our morning meeting each day.


We find that on tough days, when we see patients commenting on our page about their experience at ECDC and how their treatment has dramatically changed their lives forever, we get the biggest boost. As a team, we experience such joy from the comments our patients leave on our page, so for those of you who send positive messages and vibes our way, we THANK YOU.


We are so grateful for all of the support we are receiving and our promise back to you is to keep sharing not only relevant information about implants, but also our community engagement, charity work, and of course, our random acts of kindness. For our past, present and future patients, we want to hear all about you, too! We encourage you to reach out on Facebook, and if you don’t like our page already, like us @EastCoastSmile.


We love our ECDC Facebook Family and we are #ECDCProud

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